"I am going to kiss you"

Made by me / Mellwis

(I suck at making comments for my pictures)


I was driving a car today! 8’D

It was scary

But I’m alive!

Ninja doctor.

Today I took a needle and it was okay. Me and my dad didn’t need to wait for a long time. The doctor seemed okay but a little bored.
When I was in the room I hade a sudden revelation. A friend of mine told me that this needle is usally BIGGER then those needles like tic-shot needles, so I decided to not make any eyecontact with the doctor when we where in the room. I told her this and she laughed a little. She continued with that the fact is not true and when she said:
"When they take this needle they all go like; Oh." and when she exactly said oh, she put the needle in my arm.

She is a ninja.

a ninja ~

Summer vacation

It’s summer vacation. I love to sleep.
And what am I doing tomorrow?
I’m going up 7 am. Why? Because I’m going to take a needle 8 am…