I googled “Rita” what means draw in Swedish. I then found a picture that I tried to redraw ^^ I think it looks pretty good

Here is a new character I made ☺ my friend was kind enough to give her a name : Cleo

Time flies ~

I just watched some of my old videos I made some years ago.

They are soooo bad XD

I only like two or three of them. This made me miss making videos. I had a great time making them :’)

Just wanted to get this of my chest X’]

A request from my friend ^^ it’s me as an air bender and she as a water bender ☺

We were working hard today on math lesson 8] @skullgirl333 @flignell

Pam a girl who’s design is very easy :3

I am not really happy with her design D: I love her face thought c:

I saw another artist draw hair like this and I wanted to try :3 (( not recently thought >.>))